Curated flower meets artisanal production for outstanding results

Apex is a relatively new name in the market driven by passionate and experienced processors and growers and introduced to California in January 2018 as one of the first licensed manufacturers. Their team started this journey with a singular focus on creating a high quality and consistent experience built to emphasize the amazing qualities of the best and most fragrant cannabis flower and trim. Their team members were key drivers behind some of the most iconic heritage brand names in the cannabis space. Their belief drove them to develop a new name that reflects the drive for perfection. Apex became their rallying call to create the best of the best across a full line of extracts. Their commitment is to constantly push for innovation at every step with the knowledge that the absolute top, will never be reached but the effort to get closer will benefit all of us. They hope you take part in their journey to the top.

Fine extracts start with quality material, consciously transported, stored and processed. To that end their extractors work closely with their cultivation partners on an on-going basis to develop process flows to maximize the preservation of the full plant. All material is stored in facilities monitored 24X7 to optimize humidity and temperature control insuring we retain every extractable terpene to provide a pure clean full flavored smoke. They believe extracts provide the cleanest and purest form of consumption and strive to constantly improve upon the process.



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